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Buildtec LLC is Minnesota's premier commercial building construction company. Our seasoned engineers will design your building to specs as well
as make your dream a reality. Our experts will go over all of your wishes in the structural facade and even produce the blueprints in the first of
the many steps in creating your future place of business. Our staff is ready and waiting to speak with you and set up a time to meet with you to discuss all of the preliminary details, timelines and estimates. Once everything is satisfactory, our crack team of designers will go to work to produce the initial prints that will be the submitted for your approval, allowing you the time you need to make sure your new building will meet
the wants and needs of your next commercial endeavor. Call Buildtec LLC now - 651-439-0002 - Your satisfaction depends on it!

        Buildtec LLC is the #1 Twin Cities Commercial Rental Property Facelift Experts

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