Posted by on August 3, 2017

Hail Damage

For anyone who has experienced hail damage on their car, the small indentations are very noticeable, upsetting and has a serious affect on the beauty of your vehicle regardless regardless of make, model and age. Hail Damage to shingles can look very different depending on whether it is asphalt, composition or wood. Dents and divots in the asphalt might now look terrible right now but with wind, rain, snow, and father time, the granular outer part of the shingle will disappear exposing an area that could cause leaks down the road. Water damage is very expensive which is why i most insurance companies are eager to repair a roof today rather than face extensive damage in the future.

On June 11, a hail storm hit Stillwater, MN and surrounding areas with significant hail damage. In fact, hail has hit the Stillwater area numerous times in the past 12 months. To see specific dates and areas affected, please click on the following link.

We are well trained professionals and know exactly what to look for. One of the easiest measuring sticks is looking at your own neighborhood. Did hail hit your neighbor’s homes? Did they have shingles or roofing replaced due to hail damage? If so, it only makes sense to have your home looked at by a local professional.

We are proud to be a small local business here in the Stillwater area as we treat our customers the way we’d like to be treated. Please call us today for an absolutely free no obligation inspection of your roof and will let you know precisely what damage might have occurred. When it comes to your roof, it is always better to