Do You Think Your Roof Is Leaking, And It’s Winter? Your Roof Is Not The Problem.

Feb. 25, 2020 by

All of us Homeowners understand the erratic weather with which we deal from the time winter hits all the way through to the sunny Spring. We all know that we

Projects 2019

Dec. 9, 2019 by

Coppper accents-a small way to make a big statement with your home’s exterior.   This was a fun job. We removed a section of the roof and then added new

Check Our Latest Spot On Kare 11

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Hail Damage in Stillwater

Aug. 3, 2017 by

Hail Damage For anyone who has experienced hail damage on their car, the small indentations are very noticeable, upsetting and has a serious affect on the beauty of your vehicle