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Storm Damage

Storm Damage Services

Severe wind and hail can cause significant damages to your home. After the hail storm moves out, you are left with the damage and have to figure out what comes next. You will have to file an insurance claim and see if your roofing and/or siding can be repaired or needs to be replaced. BuildTec can help with all of that! We can guide you through the insurance claim process and will work with your insurance company during the entire process. It is best to take care of damaged roofing and/or siding quickly after it occurs to avoid bigger problems in the future. If there is damage it could allow moisture to leak through which can cause damage to the substrate as well as other areas of your home. It is best to act quickly and avoid further damage and more costly repairs. That way you can ensure the integrity of the building and make sure that your home is protected from the elements.

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Hail Damage

Because of our harsh weather, hail and storm damage are typical in Minnesota.

Hail damage can be difficult to detect because it doesn’t show up right away, so it’s important to know what to look for. Hail doesn’t always leave visible signs on your roof and other parts of your home. It is the most common cause of roof replacement in the United States, but usually goes undetected unless you know what you’re looking for.

The best way to identify hail damage is by examining those areas most likely affected: valleys and eaves troughs around chimneys or vents; rooftop drains; ridge caps; skylights; solar panels (if they have been compromised); garage doors or windows that were hit by falling debris or stones during a storm; and gutters that may have collected some smaller pieces of hail as well.

Your insurance provider will normally pay hail damage repairs and roof replacements, but you will need to file a damage claim to receive the reimbursement you deserve.

Another issue to consider when it comes to hail damage repairs and replacements is the emergence of out-of-town storm chasers right after a large storm. These people will swarm a hail-damaged neighborhood in search of unwary homeowners in need of roof repairs or new roof installation. They may hand out flyers or even show up unexpectedly to do a free examination. Homeowners that fall for these types of con jobs frequently end up with shoddy roofs, and the phony company that promised to help has vanished.

Hail Damage Roofers

Hail can vary in size and ferocity, as well as the damage it causes. There is no ‘cut and simple’ hail damage insurance claim until the marks are 100% apparent. Hail damage can manifest over time rather than immediately, so your shingles may appear to be in good condition now but the damage will manifest later. Because hail damage is a typical occurrence, insurance companies have a number of techniques to avoid paying a claim. You must present evidence, documentation, and an inspection by experienced hail damage roofers in order to file a claim.

Hail damage can cause shingles to break, which can lead to roof leaks, mold, and mildew over time.

Detecting Damage

If your roof and structures have been damaged by hail, look for the following signs. Take a picture of the damage (no matter how little it appears) and contact us for further instructions if you discover any of the following:


  • Check the hips, ridges, and sides of your shingles for damage from hail.
  • A little tear may appear insignificant at the time, but it can lead to mold and mildew difficulties as well as leaking problems in the future.
  • Your roof is protected by shingles, which are made up of microscopic grains.
  • Look for signs of granule loss in your gutters, the ground, and other places.
  • When granules are lost, your shingles’ lifespan is reduced.


Once you have trackable signs of hail damage, it’s important to document them immediately.

The first step is to photograph the damaged area from multiple angles. Also take pictures from inside your home and from other places on the property where you can see the roof. If there are any visible cracks in window glass or siding, be sure to capture those too. Pictures are critical because they help insurance adjusters determine if your claim is valid and how much you’re owed for repairs.


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